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Nazlı Çetiner Serinkaya

A piece I made for the exhibition “Stories from Our People” that took place in Halka Art Project,December 18,2013–January 20, 2014.

“Wanderer” collects plants and herbs that catches his attention.To research them afterwards he puts them in 3 little glass jars placed in his left inside (removable) pocket which includes a notebook.He enjoys the never-ending cycle of life. To see this happening in front of his eyes and to contemplate about life in the evenings, he sprouts lentils, chickpeas or whatever he comes across, in the tubes placed on the left of his jacket. Since he likes to smoke pipe and tobacco, in the left sleeve pocket he carries his cigarettes and in the right chest pocket he carries his pipe and pipe tobacco. He likes to eat with his own fork and spoon, so he carries them in his right upper pocket. On the road he comes across all kinds of incidents, sometimes he finds food sometimes he can’t.Thus he carries chickpeas and lentils in the pouches that he himself sewn.