Diş İşleri – Natural Tooth Powder

🌻Conventional toothpastes contain micro plastic particles, sweeteners and many other chemicals. That’s why we’re staying away from them for a long time now!

🌻Over the years we tried many recipes, obtained traditional toothpowders from many many miles away, we passed a little time with
miswak twigs (salvadora persica) and tried some alternative products in the market.

🌻We tried, made mistakes, but didn’t give up and created a tooth powder
with all natural ingredients that have many benefits. We’re excited to to share our final product with you!

🌻 So what are the ingredients of Diş İşleri (Teeth Affairs) No.1? Here they are :

🌱 Bentonite Clay: It absorbs toxins and removes them from the body. It’s anti-bacterial. It provides minerals and alkalizes the mouth flora.

🌱 Calcium Carbonate: Provides calcium and whitens the teeth.

🌱 Bicarbonate of Soda: With its abrasive properties, it removes stains from your teeth, neutralizes acid build up and prevents the forming of plaque.

🌱 Cacao: With the theobramin content, it helps remineralizing tooth enamel.

🌱 Cinnamon: It’s antibacterial and adds a nice taste.

🌱 Sea Salt: By neutrilizing acids, it prevents bacterial growth.

🌲 It’s easy to use our tooth powder. Just scoop a little bit of the powder with a wooden spoon, and place it on your toothbrush. Then softly brush your teeth .