Galium Aparine (Cleavers)

Cleavers come out in abundance in late winter to spring. They cling to clothes, cats, anything that is close by!


They start to show up as early as January and grow rapidly in spring.


I read that they were used for making and straining cheese. I will try it!


Just like many wild herbs, cleavers have many medicinal benefits.


It’s a cooling and diuretic herb. It helps to relieve water retention in the body, thus cleaning kidneys .


It also stimulates lymphatic system. It’s considered a tonic herb that helps body to transition from winter to spring.


I collect a handful of the tips and make a tea by infusing them in hot water. It has a refreshing taste.


You can mix it with other herbs like lemon balm, rosemary , thyme, whatever is in the garden.



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