Fruit Kvass with Leftover Apricot Skins

When I was researching about different types of kvass I found out about fruit kvass which is made from leftover fruit from jam making or juicing.

These days I’m making fruit leather , sugarless marmalade and chutney from mushy apricots. The first step is to run  run them though food mill. I use the leftover skins to make apricot kvass!


I also place the pits in a bowl with water and wash them off, use that water too.


It’s very simple:

  • Scoop out the leftover skins and place them in a 1 lt (1 quart) jar.
  • Top it with drinking water (you can wash your food mill with drinking water,save the pulpy water and use it too)
  • Add 1/4-1/2 cup honey/molasses/sugar
  • Stir it 
  • Close the lid loosely
  • After a day or two you’ll see bubbles forming, that means the fermentation started!
  • You’ll see that the pulp will separate from the juice, keep stirring
pulp is separating from the juice,don't worry
keep stirring
  • Taste it, if you like it strain it through a cheesecloth and bottle it.The more you leave it the more sour it will get.
  • It’s best to use resused plastic soda or vinegar bottles or swing top beer bottles. Otherwise your glass bottle can explode!
  • Check the gas build up by squeezing the plastic bottle,then refrigerate. 
  • It will keep fermenting in the fridge but in a slower pace. Drink it in 3-5 days before it turns sour .

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