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Nazlı Çetiner Serinkaya

Plastic bag is an ever-lasting threat to nature but once recycled, it becomes malleable and suitable for a broad range of products.Me and Mehmetcan Serinkaya experimented and figured out practical ways of recycling plastic bags, producing unique and stylish accessories and making thick plastic sheets to be used for a number of projects.We started this project while volunteering in Warm Heart Foundation in Thailand as a simple&sustainable business strategy for villagers of Northern Thailand.

Plastic waste is a readily available material and we’re willing to teach the ways of recycling,designing and marketing. We’re hoping to reduce the plastic waste while helping people to be economically self dependent. It’s our belief that,allowing people to adopt recycling as a business model would have a snowballing effect in a short amount of time. Contact us if you're interested in starting up a project around your area! or if you'd like to support our on going project, stop by at our shop copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg