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Nazlı Çetiner Serinkaya

Fermented sodas that I make using the natural flora with wild yeast and ginger yeast. Some of the plants I foraged are chicory flowers, dandelion, pine needles, chasteberry,passiflora flowers and St.John's wort.
These type of sodas were once sold in pharmacies as remedies for various illnesses. Having this idea in mind, I came up with 3 types of different sodas. First one is Calm Sea which is a calming soda, to be drank after a stressful day. It's a blend of St.John's wort, passiflora incarnata flowers and melissa officinalis.
The second one is Pateriça Forest Soda which is a refreshing and energizing soda, full of vitamin C. It's made with fresh pine needles that I collect from the forest, rock rose (cistus) leaves and seeds of pistacia lentiscus which grow all together on the forest ground.
The third one is Chasteberry Soda made with chasteberry seeds,cinnamon and orange peel. It's a special soda for women.It balances the hormones, relieves the effects of PMS and does so much more!