Pvc Pipe Low Tunnel

For a long time we wanted to make a low tunnel using pvc pipes.They are durable, water resistant and lightweight. By chance my parents had a special tool for connecting the pipes with heat.

So we made a bottom frame, then cut the places where the hoops will be connected and placed a 3 way connector and connected the hoops.

If there was a way to connect them without the heating tool it would have been much easier. There were lots of toxic fumes coming out during the heating process and it was not meant for making 3 dimensional forms.

The finished tunnel tends to stretch out to the sides.So we tide it with a rope to keep it in shape.

For the final touch we covered it with 2 layers of plastic. As a life-long sewer, I stitched it in place!

We prepared a bed for pumpkins and put it in place for a week or so for it to warm up the soil. Last week I sowed the seeds and now they’re sprouting! It’s so warm inside that it smells like summer when I open it up!

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