Calendula Officinalis (Pot Marigold)


After reading about the countless benefits of calendula flowers, last year I sowed a few seeds that I collected from a medicinal garden. They quickly grew and I transplanted them in an empty bed in my garden.Now they spread all over the bed and I keep transplanting the newly sprouted seeds all around the garden.They are hardy plants.They especially love cold weather. Now that it’s mid November, they’re all in bloom. I keep collecting the flower heads and leaving them to dry to make infused oils and balms.

Some of the benefits of calendula flowers are:

They are antifungal, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial,mood enhancing..

Its balm or infused oil can be used topically for rashes, especially diaper rashes in babies, stings,insect bites,burns,eczema,cold sores etc.


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