Time to Eat Shoots!

As the weather is getting warmer, the growth rate of the plants accelerate immensely!

Shrubs and trees grow new shoots, annuals want to flower and go to seed as soon as they can!

These new shoots and flower stems (of edible plants) are all edible and very nutritious, full of vitamins and protein.


It’s my daily routine to gather the new flower shoots of broccoli,kale and radish as well as the new growing tips of nasturtiums.They’re so succulent, delicious and filling! I add them all to stir fries.


The best part is, the more you gather the more the plant sends up shoots.

broccoli shoots
radish flower shoots
nasturtium shoots

I also gather shoots of terebinth tree (pistacia terebinthus). They’re seeded by birds and I let them grow here and there as a shrub.



Pistacia terebinthus
pistacia terebinthus (terebinth tree) shoots

Another tree shoot that can be gathered around here is the linden tree.I don’t have one in my garden,but there are some in the neighborhood that I can get my hands into. Its shoots are large and can be eaten as lettuce.Very delicious!

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