Compost Bucket for Composting in Situ

A simple basket I made using prunnings of english ivy and virginia creeper
Another basket type for composting.I just stuck some grapevine prunnings in the ground and wove around it

I tried different methods of composting kitchen and garden scraps in my garden. Bokashi is good, but it takes time to prepare the lactobacillus serum. Then you have to bury it by digging a hole by disturbing the ground and all the living organisms in it, then wait 2 weeks before planting anything..It’s a long process!


I also tried slow,cold composting by layering kitchen scraps and dried leaves gradually. But that also takes a long time to become a mature compost.


I’d rather have my scraps on the ground quickly.So worms,sowbugs,ants and all the other creatures can eat them and transform them into poop/plant food/compost.


In summer I just simply bury the scraps under the mulch.The soil activity is sooo much that they disappear in less than a week.




Making a Compost Bucket

My favorite method so far is to simply bury a bucket(with holes drilled around the bottom) or large flower pot or a basket in the middle of a bed and fill it gradually with kitchen scraps and dried leaves or shredded cardboard (to balance it out) and closing it with a lid (which can be a piece of cardboard, upside down flower pot or anything that fits).

  • This method involves digging the soil but only once.
  • Once the bucket is in place, it’s very simple to toss the kitchen scraps in it and cover with leaves.
A flower pot already has holes in the bottom
Drill holes on the upper bottom part for worms and other creatures to get in and out
Dig a hole and bury the bucket
Place some leaves on the bottom
Toss your kitchen scraps and layer them with dried leaves or pieces of cardboard/newspaper
Make sure to cover your scraps with dried leaves.
Cover your pot/bucket so mice or dogs don't mess it up.

Depending on the weather and the activity in your soil, in a couple of weeks, you’ll have wonderful compost in your bucket.


The best thing is that you can just grab a handful and place it around your plants which are planted right around the bucket! 


The liquids that drip from the bucket will also feed and hydrate your plants. Another  advantage is that the bucket will keep hungry creatures busy, so that they won’t bother your precious vegetables!


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