Garden in February

Spinach plants that I sowed at the end of September are going strong. They endured snow and freezing weather!

Broccoli is fruiting

Swiss chard’s leaves are getting larger,

Fennel is giving out new shoots which are delicious in salad!

Daffodils are blooming!

Kale is there whenever we need it!

Garlic and onions are growing

Wild lavender (lavandula stoechas) is just about to bloom. I gathered its seeds from the Aegean Coast of Turkey where I used to live. Their scent is the calling of spring!

Crocus is in flower!

Broad beans are flowering also! Couple of weeks ago they stayed under the snow for 2-3 days.I was worried that they would freeze, but other than a couple of darkened leaves they’re all healthy and strong!

Wild oregano is giving out new shoots. // Orhanlı kekiği yeni filizler vermeye başladı.

As always, calendulas are in bloom! // Her zaman olduğu gibi aynısefalar çiçekte!

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