How to Bind Loose Pages Together

Things you need:

A sewing machine

A nail

A hammer

Cardboard and some kind of board

Waxed thread

Thick sewing needle

  • First of all divide your book to 8-10 page bunches and sew along the edge of each bunch.

  • Put them on top of each other and starting 1 cm from the top mark 5 points. They should be equally distant from each other (even though mine is not!)

  • Take your first set of papers and place it on a board and a piece of cardboard. Then punch a hole on each mark with a nail and a hammer. Repeat this step for all of the sewn sets of paper.

  • Now it’s time to bind all the pieces together! Follow the Japanese side stitch steps in here . If your book is thick as mine, instead of going in one hole for 2 times, just make a knot where you come from and keep going to the next hole.

Even though it’s a bit hard and tedious to make this kind of binding, it works great and with some patience it can be made with what’s available on hand at home.